Cambridge University Acceptance Rate

The rankings of Cambridge University consistently place it as one of the world’s top institutions, reinforcing its prestige and position among the best universities in the country and abroad. Let’s now turn our attention to the Cambridge University acceptance rate

Turning our attention to another renowned academic institution, let’s examine the acceptance rate of Oxford University. Just like its counterpart in Cambridge, Oxford’s acceptance rate is a crucial metric reflecting the competitiveness of its admissions process. Understanding this rate offers valuable insights for prospective applicants seeking admission to this esteemed University.

Understanding Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants offered admission by a particular university. It’s a good indicator of how competitive the admissions process is. 

Low acceptance rates reflect intense competition between applicants. A high acceptance rate, on the other hand, suggests a more relaxed selection process.

Acceptance Rate of Cambridge University

Students can use the acceptance rate to determine their status. We acknowledge the importance of Cambridge University’s acceptance rates for making informed decisions. 

The acceptance rate of the University of Cambridge for international students also helps them understand the key areas they should focus on to gain admission to this prestigious institution. Cambridge University’s international acceptance rate can help aspiring applicants identify improvement areas and tailor their efforts to increase their chances of admission.

Current Cambridge University Acceptance rate

According to the most recent data, Cambridge University has an acceptance rate of approximately 21%. This means that 21 applicants out of 100 are admitted to the University. Remember that acceptance rates at Cambridge University can vary between academic programs and faculties.

University of Cambridge Acceptance Ratio: UG vs.

The acceptance rates for undergraduate and graduate degrees at Cambridge University are different. Cambridge University’s undergraduate acceptance rate is 19%. This means that only one in five applicants will be admitted. The University of Cambridge accepts approximately two out of every five applications for its postgraduate degree.

Trends in Admissions and Notes

Throughout its history, Cambridge University’s acceptance rate has fluctuated. The acceptance rate at Cambridge University may fluctuate. Still, the University maintains its reputation as a school with strict admission standards.

Comparison to Other Universities

Cambridge University’s acceptance rate is highly competitive compared to other prestigious institutions. The University’s strict selection process reflects its commitment to academic excellence and attracts exceptionally gifted individuals.

Admission Requirements

Follow the requirements below to increase your chances of admission to Cambridge University. Students must achieve an A*A*A for most science courses. For arts, students must also have an A and 40-42 points in International Business (which includes core points 776). Also, be sure to bring these documents with you:

  • Transcript
  • SAT score- 1500 and ACT Score: 33-36 must be submitted before 16th October
  • SOP
  • Reference Letters 2
  • Scores for IELTS/TOEFL
  •  CV

Top Programs at Cambridge University

Cambridge University offers a wide range of outstanding academic programs in various disciplines. The renowned reputation of the University extends across a wide range of fields, including engineering and natural science, as well as social sciences and humanities. 

The programs are highly sought after by applicants, contributing to the admission process’s competitiveness. Here are the 5 most popular programs at Cambridge University.

  • Archaeology
  • Modern Language
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Linguistics
  • English Language and Literature


Cambridge University Acceptance Rate: 48% (Undergrads)

Cambridge University offers a wide range of degrees. Still, the archaeology program is one of the least competitive and most dynamic. Students can learn and do research on a wide range of topics, from the history of Cambridge to plague in medieval times.

Modern Language

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate: 46% (Undergrads)

Globalization is bringing the world closer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know other cultures and their languages too? Students can take advantage of many university opportunities to learn European languages such as French, German, and others, along with some non-European ones.

Anatomy & Physiology

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate: 67% (Doctorate)

The University of Cambridge’s curriculum is designed specifically for this course, which allows students to dissect and participate in anatomical studies to understand human anatomy better.


Cambridge University Acceptance Rate: 36% (Undergrads)

A linguistics degree gives Students a detailed understanding of languages, their contexts, forms, and structures. Imagine students choosing to take a Cambridge University linguistics class. Then, students will learn how to analyze quantitative data, construct abstract grammatical models, and test competing hypotheses.

English Language and Literature

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate: 34% (Undergrads)

The English literature and language course covers the entire historical period from medieval times to today. The course teaches students about the history of the English language, from its medieval origins to today.

Why is the Cambridge acceptance rate low?

Cambridge University has a reputation for having a very low acceptance rate. This is due to several factors. The institution’s reputation is based on its high academic standards and requirements. It also looks for students with exceptional academic potential. 

The application process at Cambridge University includes submitting an application package, which may include academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. Personal statements are also required. In some cases, there will be interviews or other assessments.

How can you get into Cambridge University?

Although the Cambridge acceptance rate is determined largely by the University’s selection process, prospective students can take steps to increase their chances of being accepted:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Highlight Your Strengths
  • Research Your Desired Program
  • Ask for guidance and feedback.

Academic Excellence

Aim to achieve outstanding academic performance through challenging coursework and actively seeking opportunities to show your academic potential.

Highlight Your Strengths

Use your application materials (such as your statement and recommendation letters) to highlight your leadership experience, notable achievements, and unique qualities. Give concrete examples to differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Research Your Desired Program

You should familiarise yourself with the program you intend to apply for at Cambridge University. Learn about the program’s requirements, curriculum, and desired qualities or experience in applicants. Make sure your application is tailored to the program’s requirements.

Ask for guidance and feedback.

You can get valuable feedback and insights from your teachers, mentors, or admissions counselors. They can help you to present yourself in the best way possible.

The Top Reasons for Studying at Cambridge University

Cambridge University is a great educational destination for many reasons. Here are a few of the best reasons to choose Cambridge University as your educational destination:

  • Strong Reputation
  • Campus Life and Facilities
  • Industry Links
  • Supportive Learning Environment
  • Research Opportunities

Strong Reputation

The University of Cambridge is known for its world-class teaching and research. Its education is respected in many disciplines.

Campus Life and Facilities

The University offers a vibrant and enriching campus experience with modern facilities, libraries, and research centers. Students can access various resources and amenities designed to enhance their academic experience.

Industry Links

Cambridge University has strong links with industry, which offers students the opportunity to gain valuable experience through internships, placements, and networking. Students can gain valuable experience and make connections to help them in their future careers.

Supportive Learning Environment

The University provides a supportive, inclusive environment for learning, allowing students to access academic support services, career advice, and various extracurricular activities. Cambridge places a high priority on the well-being of students and their personal development.

Research Opportunities

The research excellence of Cambridge University is recognized worldwide. Under the guidance of renowned faculty, students can participate in groundbreaking research and contribute to advancements within their fields. The acceptance rate of Cambridge is an important factor in influencing the perceptions and decisions of prospective students. 

Cambridge’s acceptance rate may be moderate, but the University’s selection criteria and academic requirements are very rigorous. Students should emphasize their academic achievements, research their programs thoroughly, ask for guidance, and show a genuine interest.


What is Cambridge University’s acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of Cambridge University is approximately 21%. This means about 21 applicants out of every 100 are admitted to the University. It’s important to note that acceptance rates may vary across academic programs and faculties.

What is the acceptance rate for Cambridge University undergraduate programs?

Cambridge University’s undergraduate acceptance rate is 19%. This implies that only one out of every five applicants is admitted to the undergraduate programs at the University.

What factors contribute to Cambridge University’s low acceptance rate?

Several factors influence Cambridge University’s low acceptance rate. The institution upholds high academic standards and seeks students with exceptional academic potential. 

The rigorous application process, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements, and sometimes interviews or assessments, also contributes to the low acceptance rate.

How can prospective students increase their chances of acceptance to Cambridge University?

Prospective students can take steps to enhance their chances of acceptance at Cambridge University. These include:

  1.      – Striving for academic excellence through challenging coursework.
  2.      – Highlighting strengths and unique qualities in application materials.
  3.      – Thoroughly research the desired program and tailor the application accordingly.
  4.      – Seeking guidance and feedback from teachers, mentors, or admissions counselors.

What are the top reasons for studying at Cambridge University?

Cambridge University offers numerous compelling reasons to choose it as an educational destination, including:

  1.      – Strong reputation for world-class teaching and research.
  2.      – Vibrant campus life with modern facilities and resources.
  3.      – Valuable industry links providing internship and networking opportunities.
  4.      – Supportive learning environment prioritizing student well-being and personal development.
  5.      – Extensive research opportunities under the guidance of renowned faculty.